Matt Goupell (Associate Professor, HESP) received three NIH R01 grant awards in recent months

The first, Temporal processing and speech understanding in older cochlear implantees,  awarded by the National Institute on Aging, aims to understand and improve speech understanding for older cochlear implant users, and to investigate the neural mechanisms contributing to speech understanding deficits in this population.  Co-investigators are Drs. Samira Anderson and Sandra Gordon-Salant.

Samira Anderson (Assistant Professor, HESP) was awarded an NIH/NIDCD R21 award entitled: Age-related changes in neural encoding and perception of temporal speech cues

The goals of this study are to investigate the neural basis of speech understanding deficits in older adults and the potential use of auditory electrophysiology in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss difficulties.  


Stefanie Kuchinsky (MNC/CASL/HESP) received an NIH/NIDCD R03 award entitled: Understanding and indexing the neural bases of listening effort

The research program will test the hypothesis that listening effort is driven by the engagement of executive function processes that support speech recognition in challenging conditions. This research lays the groundwork for developing clinical assessments and interventions that effectively target listening effort in older adults with normal or impaired hearing. 

Jonathan Simon is co-editor of a new book, The Auditory System at the Cocktail Party, the latest volume in the Springer Handbook of Auditory Research series

The Auditory System at the Cocktail Party is the 60th volume in the Springer Handbook of Auditory Research series, edited by John Middlebrooks, Jonathan Simon, Arthur Popper, and Richard Fay. It is available now in PDF form, and soon in hardcover. Simon also has a chapter in the volume, Human Auditory Neuroscience and the Cocktail Party Problem.

Co-director Sandra Gordon-Salant appointed to NIDCD Advisory Council

Sandra Gordon-Salant has been invited to serve on the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) Advisory Council of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), with a term beginning in June 2017 and ending in May 2021.  The NIDCD Advisory Council advises the secretary of the U.S.